12 by 12 Book Challenge

Hey guys,

One of my goals this year was to read more books, and it seems like I'm not the only one. This is probably not a new challenge but I decided to adopt the idea of reading one book a month. At first, I thought it would eat up my time from my other projects, along with having a full-time job, but I found that it has actually helped me stay creative. I mix it up between digital, physical, or audio books, depending on my mood or the author's writing style.

For those who are into physical books but don't want to spend the money I suggest checking out thriftbooks.com. They sell books for as low as $3 but the price varies depending on the book. I already bought three of my 12 books from there and now just waiting on them to arrive.

If you guys decide to do this challenge with me, let me know. I'm also open to book recommendations.

Book Challenge
1. A Return to Love- Marrianne Williamson
2. Mastery- Robert Greene
3. The Happines Advantage- Shawn Achor
4. Mr. Mercedes (Series) - Stephen King
5. Finders Keepers- Stephen King
6. End of Watch- Stephen King
7. Fight Club- Chuck Palahniuk
8. All the Ugly and Wonderful Things- Bryn Greenwood
9. Virgin Suicides- Jeffrey Eugenides
10.The Five Love Languages